Inner Belt Brickbottom

“Walkshop.” Somerville, MA


Are you interested in building a better Somerville?  Interested in the planning that's going on in the Inner Belt/Brickbottom area around the upcoming Green Line Extension?  Are you a photographer (or just like taking photos) and would like to see your shots used to help shape the future of Somerville? 

Than come to the first-ever Inner Belt/Brickbottom Walkshop, this Saturday, June 25th, at the Holiday Inn Somerville from 9AM to 3:30PM.  This Walkshop is part of the process for creating a plan for the Inner Belt/Brickbottom area, led by the City of Somerville's Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development and supported by planning firm Goody Clancy and community engagement specialists PlaceMatters. We'll be exploring Somerville's Inner Belt Brickbottom neighborhood--now a mostly industrial section of town near the intersection of McGrath Highway and Washington Street--and envisioning the neighborhood's future, around a new Washington Street Green Line Station.

A Walkshop is an interactive meeting, where you can explore a project  area, taking pictures and talking about them with others.  It is a chance to look at your surroundings with fresh and critical eyes and begin contemplating a vision for the future. It’s a chance to talk about existing conditions and opportunities, and generate a vision for improvement to the area.

Whether you take photos or not, you’re invited to attend the discussion in the afternoon.  If you come for the full day, bring your camera or cell phone with a camera!  We will bring some extra cameras for those who do not have one.

Sign up using the Events link.  Revisit the site after the event to see the photos and feedback we collected during the Walkshop and visit the project’s main website to continue the conversation on how to improve our community.

The Makings of a Vibrant Community

photo credits: Flickr: id’s Josh Dutcher, Sadelson, and Gandalf Cunningham.