1. Walkshops


Empowering Communities through Interactive Meetings

A Walkshop is a chance to look at our surroundings with fresh and critical eyes, use what community members know, and contemplate a vision that is specific to our community. It’s a chance to take and talk about pictures of places we like and ones we don’t like, to figure out how people get around in our community, how they don’t, and why. In short, it’s a meeting that moves, where participants take pictures and make notes about community attributes, and use these photos and thoughts as the start of a larger conversation.

The photos and associated comments become part of a larger conversation, but even thinking about how to best frame the picture to share with others gets people thinking about their community more thoughtfully, critically, and appreciatively.

photos: group on sidewalk (Flickr user La Citta Vita, creative commons), all  others Radian|PlaceMatters